Graduation dress and shoes - help me!

  1. My graduation is coming up, and I'm so unsure of what to wear! I know everyone is so helpful when it comes to things like this, so could you please give me a few tips?

    I thinking about wearing this dress by Development:

    development dress.JPG

    I wouldn't do the bottom hem up so tight, so it would flow a lot more.

    If I do wear this dress, what color shoes should I do? Black, nude, brown? I never know what to wear with blue clothes!

    I'd appreciate any help you're able to give me! Thanks :smile:
  2. ^^ No one has any opinion of the dress? I'd also really, really appreciate any advice on shoes! I obviously can't wear boots like in the pic, and I have no idea what color goes well with blue. Please? :flowers:
  3. silver shoes? maybe strappy sandals or a wedge? the dress is cute!!!
  4. Dark Blue satin heels would be my pick, but if you don't want to be too matchy-match, I think some silver high heels would look hot with it as well.
  5. Your dress is lovely and yes, I think silver heels would be lovely with it.
  6. A bronze or gold shoe would add a splash of color. Something strappy i think would work best.

    BTW....really cute dress and congratulations on graduating.
  7. Silver heels! something summery and colorful would look so cute. cute dress btw!
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! I didn't even think about silver for shoes. I'll definitely look into that. Thanks again :smile: