Graduation Announcements

  1. I don't understand this custom -- Is it to announce an event that is the bare minimum of what a student is expected to do upon entering college, or is it a call for gifts?

    I've always thought the latter. I did not send out graduation announcements and am miffed when I receive them. Maybe this is something I'm the dark about, but is it just a given that if you receive a graduation announcement, you ought to send a present? Is that just etiquette? I don't want to be rude!
  2. I hate it too!!! My DD is graduating but we're not sending any announcements. When I get one of these for my friends' kids, I usually give them gift cards.
  3. I have 3 nephews that graduate this month. We'll send them cash, eveyone hits us up. lol And we pay!
  4. I'm not sure. I know my family doesn't always keep up with everything that's going on (heck, my own aunt and uncle didn't even know I turned 21 last year, they thought I was turning 20!) so for me they were kind of important. I got a lot of nice cards from people but as it turns out, my family isn't much into gift giving as they are receiving :rolleyes:. Some people I knew had their family members chip in and buy them cars, some got lots of cash etc. I think I ended up getting about $300 from neighbors and relatives (which I used to get my Tiffany's toggle heart necklace that I wear pretty much every day) and my parents got me the LV fuchsia Vernis Lexington.
  5. When I graduated (way too many years ago), my mother made me write "no gifts please" on my announcement. I sent announcements because I was proud of my achievement, not as bait for gifts.
  6. The last big thing that happened to me was turning 21 - and that was heavily overlooked by unforseen family circumstances. I've worked so hard for the past 5 years that I'm sending out announcements to show people that I'm proud of what I've accomplished. My mom called me crying when she got them in the mail because how they looked! Also, it is an invitation to my graduation ceremony for friends who are nearby, and also as a note that I'm thinking of them if they can't make it to my graduation.
  7. It might be because I come from a family who looks for an excuse to throw a party and celebrate, but I never got the whole "Well, I don't think this is means for a celebration, so you shouldn't either!" tude. Kinda sounds sour grapish to me... Also, I think the chances of most people actually finishing college are not high. I remember hearing a big number, I forget the exact number, drop out of college.
  8. I undrstand what IntlSet is saying about grad invitations.. but, I like them.. I like celebrations etc.. since my life with school is so stressful, any excuse for a party is a good one! :wlae:

    My school sends us these generic sets of graduation invitations, and my parents always send them out. I got special dinner invitations for people going to the grad and also for people that werent invited to the grad (since we had a limited amount), but are to the dinner. This upcoming grad is impt to me as we never really celebrated anything else in the past.. not my other grads, birthdays nothing.. so graduating college this weekend is very important as its the first "function" that Im doing for just me..:heart: so I felt like I needed to send out invitations/announcements.. and NO, im not doing it for the gifts.. its my first ever get together and im excited :biggrin:
  9. I didn't send announcements for high-school or college. I keep in touch with the family and friends who matter and they would all know what's going on with me.
  10. i am sending out the announcements with my cap and gown picture, the way i see it, i worked VERY hard at Brown for the past 4 years and this is just a stepping stone before medical school, and my family means SO much to me that i want them to share in my accomplishments.

    plus most of my family is from California and some in Texas, and so coming out to Rhode Island for commencement just isnt possible so this announcement is just something that i wanted to share for those who cant make it.

    its also in NO WAY a call for gifts, in fact, all i want is good thoughts for my years to come in medical school.
  11. I didn't have announcements (I forgot to hand them out) but I did hand out tickets to the ceremony.

    It's like with wedding invitations. You don't include a registry card with the invitation.
  12. I only send graduation announcements w/ tickets to people who I invite to attend the grad ceremony. I find it weird to send them the announcements and not invite them to attend the ceremony. If they come, I do expect some gifts. :graucho:
  13. Maybe it's a cultural thing. Here in Hawaii families throw huge parties for things like graduation, baby's 1st birthday parties, etc. Family and extended family are important and there's a joke that everyone in Hawaii is related somehow. That being said it isn't a surprise to receive a graduation announcement along with a graduation picture and an invitation to a party that sometimes 300-400 other people have also been invited to. It is a way to celebrate and share a happy occassion and great accomplishment.

    When I graduated from high school we had a big party of about 200 people. When I grduated from college in Oregon I sent announcements out to people I were close to so that they could share in the joy of me finishing school. I graduated from graduate school two more times after that on island in Hawaii and sent graduation announcements for those as well. If anyone actually showed up to my graduatoin we invited them to a small family dinner at a restuarant afterwards. In all of these instances it was to share my celebration with people who helped me to get to where I was, not a solicitation for gifts.

    All this being said I do know people who have sent announcements just so that they could get gifts from others.
  14. i think it is something to be very proud of cause there are people that don't last long in high school.

    i dont know your age but if you did finish high school i am sure you were proud of yourself?

    why not share it?

    I think it is 100% appopriate to send out announcements.

  15. LOL I agree!:yes: :graucho: