Gradient/glace leather care?

  1. I tried to find any threads and only found one but wasn't that informative.

    Anyone know if this is really delicate like antik or is this durable? I don't know how Prada created the color variations and am wondering if it rubs off over time?

    Anyone know? I'm thinking about buying one on sale but don't want to jump too fast w/o getting all the facts! :yes:
  2. bueller?
  3. hi alouette. good luck in getting some info. i had asked around about the same thing. all i can establish from the antik range of 2006 is that the effect was created by spraying over the leather, so it can rub off over time. my wallet in fact did rather quickly because it was rather battered around in bags. but my antik bags are ok so far. also, who knows how the deer skin compared to the calf of the glace reacted to the air-brushing techniques. one may be more durable than the other?

    i heard some dissatisfactions about the durability of the two tone pradas. but they are gorgeous bags.... i suppose their durability may also depends on your bag carrying habits?
  4. Thx for responding! I have an antik wallet and so far so good. I don't baby it by any means and it gets banged up in my bags all the time.

    What kind of dissatisfactions have you heard about the two-tone bags??? Reason why I ask is b/c I don't want to throw down all this $ just to have the bag get messed up down the line. I don't baby my bags but I don't throw them on the ground either.
  5. there are some comments in a coupe of old threads related to the antik range. but i don't think i heard anything about the glace/gradient so far. however, i know from my SA that the two tone effect of the glace/gradient bags were also made by air brushing darker shades onto the leather, like the 2006 antik effect. so i am thinking that they may be as durable/not as the antiks. however, the antiks were mainly deer leather, and glace/gradient are calf i think. i am wondering if the effect last much better on calf. time will tell. i bought one already. and i am happy with it. i paid full price for it. i suppose, if you can have one at a heavily discounted price, and are willing to take the risk that there may be some scuffing marks somewhere along the line, the bag may be worth getting, because this range is just so unique and funky in how their leathers are treated. judging from how your antik wallet is holding up, you could probably carry the gradient bag and enjoy a reasonably happy life together before it - like anything in life - show some wear. i don't baby or trash around my bags either, and my antik deer wallet showed scuffing marks within 1 week! so you have a better chance than me theoretically! i guess it comes down to how much in love are you with this bag. only you can say this for sure! good luck w/ your decision!
  6. Thx bagpunk! You're really informative! I might get it..I can't beat the price of getting a Prada that I like for about $500 or so including tax.

    When I tried it on at NM it felt pretty durable, like it could weather a beating and I like how the zippers are on the bottom that sort of act like a pseudo-barrier against any possible dirt wherever I set it (def not the ground!).

    I guess we'll find out tomorrow once I get it!
  7. I just purchased a Miu Miu bowler in gray, it too looks sprayed? The leather is a little splotchy on the front. Is this common for colored bags? I've got to find a camera - it's so curious.
  8. alisonanna, pic? i think if they are one colour, they should not be sprayed on? but who knows....
  9. [​IMG]

    I don't know if you can see what I mean about it looking painted - but it is definitely splotchy
    I should probably return to Bluefly, but I really like the bag, I hope another shows up if I do
    Is it too mottled, or maybe not that noticeable (?), it's pretty soft leather, so with the folds the splotching isn't that noticeable
  10. I vaguely see what youre talking aboutg but is that the overall look of the bag (i.e. - what it's supposed to look like)??

    It's a great bag either way!!!!
  11. i failed to see it, but i think i can imagine what you are trying to say. i am not familiar with how leathers are dyed. but i am assuming that some techniques resulted in more delicate features than others and therefore perhaps more prone to wear. but i have a feeling that the spraying of the darker antik effect might be more superficial than their treatment of their basic solid colours.

    perhaps you can take a closer pic and send it/them to barbara at lovin my bags she seems very knowledgeable about these things.