gradient/degrade frame bag w silver hardwares

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  1. i have not seen this anywhere. i saw one at the local prada and i know padparasha saw one in her local prada. other than that, this bag seemed elusive.

    it has silver hardwares on the handles and around the buckles.

    anyone know where to get one, or own one?

    how does it compare to the more squarish one with the padlock?
  2. got it....

    thanks for the consultation sessions padparasha!!!!

  3. the colours are "ardesia + fumo" = "slate + smoke". i was originally after the colours that south of france has on her bauletto. but none of those colour combinations (white black?) were in the shapes that i could like... (i am asking south of france what her colours are)
  4. Hi bagpunk, my colors are "ardesia" and "talco"... it's anthracite, taupe with a slight purplish undertone, and light beige-grey :love: Thank you for asking. Yours is gorgeous too! Congrats!!!
  5. ah. so i am off by a shade!

    thanks for responding SOF! maybe one day i will get another bag with colours exactly like yours! *hope* *hope*