Grad School?

Feb 15, 2006
Hello all :yes:

im considering going into grad school, but have not looked into it at all. i already have an MPA (masters in professional accounting), but i want to go back to school to get an MBA. im working towards my CPA and should be certified by the end of this month (fingers crossed!!) and i have been working a little bit over a year in public accounting at a big 4. im not sure where i want my career to lead, but i dont think i want to do public accounting indefinitely. anyone here doing their MBA right now or have any advice as to possible schools/factors to consider? any help would be appreciated :shrugs:


Aug 27, 2006
Sorry, I'm not in business but my cousin is pursuing the MBA track. I'm not sure how many years you have worked, but I know he worked at one of the Wall Street firms for several years before applying for business school. I think several years is definetely helpful before applying. I recall he provided his employer his CV, personal statement discussing his career goals. A lot of them know people will be working a few years then applying to B-school. Getting a letter from a higher up/department head if you worked closely with them of course will be more helpful. Sorry, I can't add much more but good luck!