grad bags...

  1. I noticed that quite a few of us are graduating college this year...
    I want to get myself a bag to congratulate myself. Should I go for a Gerard Darel Charlotte? Or hold out for the Damier Speedy? I'm in kind of a tight financial I can't really get both unless I stumble into an inheritance or something.
    I like that the Charlotte is all leather and will go on my shoulder...but I've never seen one in person. But I like the Speedy in Damier too, and it's an LV for goodness sake...

    so is anyone else getting graduation bags? any advice on what I should get?
  2. While I would've liked to treat myself to a bag last year when I graduated college... I waited until I got my first job and used my first paycheck to buy myself a congratulations bag.

    I think the GD is a bag you could use for YEARS and not really get tired of.
  3. My vote goes to the Gerard Darel bags, they are gorgeous! Not lucky enough to have seen one in real life, sadly.
  4. LV for sure!
  5. GD Bag!! I just bought 3 and they are beautiful! Timeless, functional and chic - what more could you want?
  6. Well, maybe you can get one and persuade your parents to get you the other as a graduation present? ;)
  7. gerard darel for sure! I love my GD bag so much I just ordered two more! You'll always be able to get the damier speedy at a later time if you decide to because it's going to be part of the permanent collection.
  8. ^^Oooo - what other colors did you order?:amuse:
  9. Graduation!!! lol, I'm graduating this May with a B.Sc, and I went ahead and splurged on a grad bag = Dark Brown Fendi Spy....

    okay, well, the money was from an insurance claim after a car accident last year, but I figured 6 years of school later, nothing better than to start off your career hunting with a beautiful bag!!
  10. camel and periwinkle :shame:
  11. looks like GD gets the vote...I'll try to start hunting on down as soon as the present money starts coming in :smile:
  12. Hi!

    I had exactly the same idea, to treat myself to a grad present. I would love to get a soy, but really can't afford it, so I might get one with my first paycheck as a 'new job' present. my vote is for the GD too, and as someone said maybe your parents will get you a pressie too!
  13. I just got a GD Charlotte, in cognac, and absolutely adore it. The leather is soooo soft. The bag fits nicely under my arm. And it fits my powerbook laptop (thanks to the drawstrings at the sides) without seeming too big or bulky. In my opinion, it's a perfect everyday work bag.
  14. ^^I agree. I'm surprised by how much i've fallen in love with this bag. I'm so happy that I got it in 3 colors. I'll be content for a while with the bags I have!
  15. I would hold out for the LV!!! :smile: