Graco Quattro Tour Duo, anyone???

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  1. So... It turns out I lied in my last thread posted. :shrugs::shame::s:hrmm: I apparently have not settled on a double stroller. So far this has been the only thorn in my side, as far as registering for new baby gear. It's the last item I need to settle on before the baby shower... Ugh.

    Do any of you wonderful TPfers have the Graco Quattro Tour Duo? Can any of you share your pros/cons with me? DH, DD, and I are going to test drive one this weekend (hopefully). I'm just going nuts trying to find a suitable double stroller. :thinking::wondering
  2. I have this and I love it.

    So far, the only cons I have is that it's heavy, but that is expected because it's a stroller for two.
  3. I had the single Graco Quattro Tour and DH and I loved it. Even the single version was heavy, but it collapsed very easily, I could lift it in and out of the back of our SUV without too much trouble. The wheels were really sturdy so it steered smoothly, lots of room in the basket. I loved it!
  4. Thanks Ladies! DH, DD, and I were able to get to a baby boutique today and test drive one... It's definitely heavier than the stroller we have now (Combi Spoleto) but not nearly as heavy as I imagined it to be! The maneuverability of this stroller is amazing! And though it is longer in person than in any of the Graco pictures, it's still not too bad considering it's a 2 person stroller. DH LOVED it! The single hand fold is AMAZING :nuts::nuts::nuts:... once it was folded, it was a bit heavy but still liftable. I love the quality of the stroller as well. Previous Graco strollers I tried out were made of plastic and looked a bit flimsy, whereas this one is made of metal and seems to be soooo sturdy...

    twochubbycheeks... what print/color pattern is your stroller? The floor model the boutique had was Milan but DH wasn't really feeling it. I really like the Rittenhouse pattern, but was informed that it has been discontinued, though amazon has some available. Just trying to keep it pretty neutral, as we are expecting a DS in April and don't want anything overly feminine/masculine.
  5. Ditto. I have a tall 2.5 y/o (at the time of purchasing) and this was one double stroller that accommodated his long legs. Basket is roomy, steers nicely, double cup holder, folds easily - just a tad heavy. Just remember, bend at the knees and your all good!

  6. We got ours 2nd hand ($80!), but the original owner barely used it. It looked brand new!

    First time I pushed it today! LOL It was amazingly super easy to use! It is a heavy duty stroller and I LOOOOVE IT! Super functional! loooove the cupholders (there's like 6?!).. huge basket underneath the seat and has a small functional pouch for Mom n Dad!:tup:
    here's a stock pic of ours that I found on ebay :
    We got the "French Roast" pattern, which I think was an older pattern released last season. I checked the latest pattern out and I "MILAN" or the "SOHO". :tup:
  7. thanks for the reminder! so far, DH has been doing the folding and lifting, but I know sooner or later, I would have to do the works too.:sweatdrop:

    but yeah.. i looove everything about this stroller. i'm glad we found one for my 2 kiddies.:heart: both of them enjoyed riding on it. the front seat can even be pulled down too and my DD was able to nap/sleep comfortably-- did i say..."i loooove it?!" LOL
  8. Thanks again for your input ladies!!!

    DH and I registered for the stroller today! I'm registered at a couple of places and have added the Quattro Duo to all of them, in different colors! haha... I can do that because my mom is going to be getting it for us. So I've left the choice up to her.

    When we went to the boutique the other day, we put DD in the front seat and weighted the back seat down with some bags and other stuff. Surprisingly, it was very easy for me to maneuver, and I'm 27 weeks preggers! I should mention, though, that DD is verrrrry small for her 13 months weighing in at only 17.5lbs. So I expect it wont be too hard to maneuver once DS is here. Even w/the car seat attached.

    I loooooove that French Roast pattern! I wish they still made it! Here are the different patterns we're registered for (fyi, I'm a little annoyed that the price varies depending on the pattern of the stroller... :wtf:)

    I, too, will remember to bend at the knees! Safety first!

    Bombay.jpg Lexington.jpg Milan.gif Portica.jpg Rittenhouse.gif
  9. hey ladies! having twins- SOON- mid march and need one of these too. anyone know the difference between the Quattro Tour Duo and the DuoGlider?
  10. I'm not too sure, but I think the Tour Duo has more bells and whistles (more cup holders, larger storage basket, a bit of a fancier design, etc). From what I read (though don't quote me on this) the Tour is a newer and improved version of the DuoGlider... but the Tour is a little heavier, and slightly longer. I think. :thinking:
  11. the Quattro Tour Duo is 10 lbs heavier than the Duoglider. Yikes! :nuts: guess i'll have to test drive them at babies r us. these 2 stroller are the only double strollers out there that will accommodate 2 car seats at once, correct? anyone know of any others?
  12. I LOVE the color combo of the first one and the third one! And mine didn't have the cool handles like this one did (our son is 4 now).