Gracie's of Birmingham....WOW!!!

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  1. there are many threads that are started to complain about certain companies customer service. this is not one of them. I just wanted to take a minute and give props to Gracie's of Birmingham, i ordered a morning after mini in evergreen on Thursday and i am receiving it today! free 2 day shipping, not to mention i got it for only $417! i just received another email from Jill (hope she doesn't mingd me mention her name) saying that she forgot to ship my free ($75) shoulder strap and that she is shipping it asap and i should receive it the day after christmas!!! what superb customer service!!!! It's the holiday season and i just thought i would give credit where crdeit is due!!!! :tup:
  2. Wow what service! What is their website?
  3. THANKS!:ty:
  4. I am all for supporting stores/sites like this that know how to treat their customers well! Thanks for sharing.