Grace's Collection

  1. Thanks everyone! Ever since I got on this forum, all I want to do is add add add to the collection! I love colors! I still need a black bag but I just can't seem to stop buying colors.
  2. Great collection!
  3. The pink & spearmint MJ's are gorgeous!!!:love: :heart: :heart:
  4. very nice collection :heart: keep it Up ..
  5. oooh, is that the pink mini venetia? holy cow...soooooo gosh darn cute. :biggrin: :biggrin:

    i love colored bags too!! your yellow and spearmint mp's are such fun colors! are they smaller size or larger size? Do you think larger size will overwhelm a petite 5'3 gal?

    gorgeous collection...thanks for sharing!
  6. u have a wonderful collection.. so colorful...
  7. Those are the smaller MPs. I am 4'11'' and normally buy the smaller bags. Although my Carmen and Courtney are quite large. I have never tried the larger MP. But the way they hang down should not overwhelm you.
  8. Oh and yes, it is a mini venetia. I love it and was amazed at how much could actually fit into it! I sold my large venetia a few months ago on eBay and this small one suits me much better!:yes:
  9. Beautiful Collection!
  10. Grace I love your collection! You have so many wonderful colors!
  11. Love your collection ... it's so colorful! I especially like the red MJ, I just love red bags lately. Thanks for sharing!
  12. cute collection!
  13. Aww your collection is so colorful! I love them! :heart:
  14. My new zip Petrol Zip Clutch and LV Agenda. I had no idea I would :heart: this clutch so much. Now I want another one!
    CIMG7890.JPG CIMG7814.JPG
  15. Beautiful!