Graceland - National Historic Landmark...and Presley women

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  1. I know some of you may be waaay too young to know much about Elvis...

    As of Monday, Graceland is now a National Historic Landmark. It was placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1991, but I guess this label is even harder to get. I've been to Graceland! It is amazing what Elvis accomplished.

    Now...what about those Presley women??!!
    Could Lisa Marie's latest hubby finally be the ONE??

    Do you think Priscilla likes the way her surgery came out??

    I wish she had let herself age gracefully; I think she was quite attractive.
  2. my sister is obsessed with the presleys, mostly just young elvis. i love them the normal amount. :smile:

    i don't think priscilla looks bad at all. those highlights on the other hand...
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  3. I think priscilla looks ok a bit fake but what ever.
  4. Her face looks like it's bulging out on only one side, and it's making her lips look off center like she had a stroke or something. :weird:
  5. I LOVE ELVIS!!!!! HE ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!! :nuts: IM SO ENVIOUS!!! u've been to GRACELAND!!!!!!!

    ok ppl i know this is kinda weird considering i'm 20... but i've loved him since i was 6 and discovered my dad's cd collection!! i'm a freak... i've got ore than 10 of his hard cover autobiography books and loads and loads of cds and merchandise.... my room is basically a shrine to elvis... :love:
    but sadly i havent been to graceland :worried: can't find anyone to go with me....
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  6. and my sister should go. :smile:

    elvis christmas tree ornament, elvis posters, elvis lunch box, elvis pillow, elvis purse, elvis figurines, elvis books, elvis CDs, elvis RECORDS (they were my mom's, but still)

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  7. That's great you love him! My 6 year old loves some of his songs, so I'm starting her early, too. After all, so many of his songs are classics!

    Have you heard of that huge live concert he did in Hawaii in the 70s? My family had limited funds way back then, but we were able to go to the dress rehearsal for a lot less $$. My mom was a huge fan. It was fun and a memorable I DID see him in person!

    You're still you still have plenty of time to visit Graceland!

    And speaking of concerts...this weekend there is a giant concert in the Diamond Head Crater with War, the Steve Miller Band, and Linda Ronstadt. My hubby and I are going with our 12 and 6 year old daughters. Yeah, I'm really dating myself!!:P
  8. EEEKKK!!!! :nuts: ILZABET i've GOTTA get to know ur sister!!! *wonderment! there are others out there...!!* :biggrin:
    faveouritethingshawaii: OMG!!! u were at Elvis's ALOHA from hawaii!?!??!?! i've got a dvd of that AND a tape!! :lol: i love him i love him i love him!!! SSSooooooo ENVIOUS!!! *freaking out!* :wacko:
    yeah i guess i will gotta graceland sometime in the future! gotta be with someone aspassionate as i am about elvis tho! :lol:
    and about the concerts... that's great u're bringing ur kids to that!! it'd be an unforgettable experience no doubt! it's a once in a lifetime thing! i'm going to the Joe Satriani concert in Vancouver in MAY...!! :nuts: he's guest starring Eric JOhnson...!!! :cool:
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  9. Lol everyone at Graceland loves Elvis it's heaven on earth I travelled from the Uk on my own in 2004 to go and had a fab time for 2 weeks making friends like fellow fans have been round the mansion over 100 times with 11 other trips since just do it!!!
  10. I read today that Priscilla Presley has left the church of scientology.