Graceful ring wear

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  1. I'm new to LV, so forgive me if this is a common occurrence, but the rings on my Graceful seem to be tarnishing and scratching quite badly. I have had this bag for less then 3 months and have used it maybe 20-30 times, so should the rings be worn this much? I feel like in a year it will look horrible :sad:

    Just curious if any of you have experienced this or if its normal? It was an online purchase from LV as the closest one to us in in a Holt about 6 hours away, so going in isn't an option for another 6 weeks or so.

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  2. Have you tried polishing the rings? It should help bring back some shine.
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  3. I haven't! Just a soft cloth?
  4. Yes start with that and give it a good rubbing.
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  5. I would bring it back to the store and see what they do about this . I would not try to fix the problem myself if it were my handbag. I wonder if they will replace those rings for you. Let us know what happens if you decide to bring it back to the store.
  6. I agree with Fab try polishing. As for the scratches - they are inevitable due to the movement of the ring on ring friction. I am afraid the store will tell you it is normal wear which it is with hardware.
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  7. Well, gosh. I find this ring wear totally unacceptable. If LV is not using brass any longer, at the least they could do would be to use a material that wouldn't look like I had been carrying it for 10 years, because I have contemporary bags that have held up with little to no wear for longer than that. This issue is starting to get on my nerves for the OP, and is a contributing factor in what I should personally be purchasing next for myself from LV.
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    Possibly not a true brass? Strange. My Graceful’s rings still look brand new after purchasing last September at my local boutique, even with a bag charm attached. Personally, I’d have replaced.
  9. 81C669CD-4614-4F66-83A0-725BBB314338.jpeg I tried polishing with just a dry cloth and it removed a bit of the tarnished look. Still not as shiny :sad: I know it’s to be expected as it’s metal rings rubbing on metal rings, but it seems excessive to me given how little it’s been used. I got it March 26th and I use it maybe 3 times a week at the most. I’m a wahm with 4 kiddos, so I usually carry my diaper bag during the day.

    I had hoped to use this bag for many years, I just can’t see those rings looking anywhere near decent in even an years time.

    I’m going to email LV and sss what they say. I was just curious if this is a common thing with this bag (or the Artsy as they have the same rings) of if I was being nit picky.
  10. It seems like the worst spot is the bottom of the ring where it hits against the metal rings on the bag. In my opinion its normal because like previously stated it’s inevitable. But you can take it in and see what they say, sometimes they surprise me.
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  11. Did you get it wet it seems like the last picture there is a spot on the vachetta?
  12. I don't know..I just looked at my NM mono Delightful, which is 3 years old and I've used it a lot. My rings are designed exactly like yours and my metal looks shiny and flawless. I don't think it's normal wear for just a little over a month. I would take it and see what they say.
  13. Omg your vachetta looks brand new! Compared to the brass rings.... I’d demand a new bag or exchange for a different LV.
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  14. Nope! A bit of spitting rain once, but that should not be an issue. Frustrated as these bags are meant to be used aren't they?!:sad:
  15. I can understand your frustration. I also understand you are quite a way from the boutique but you will need to take it in. Yes these bags are meant to be used but unfortunately not the same bag daily. (Yes I know I will get flack for that comment). But it is true. I know these bags cost a thousand plus but this does not mean they will be indestructible. Just take it in and see what they say - who knows they may replace the bag.
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