Graceful PM owners: What fits?

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  1. I'm close to pulling the trigger on the Graceful PM. Generally I find the PM size to be big enough- I'm just curious what you can fit in yours.
    I generally need to carry a wallet, cell phone, keys, small coin pouch, and a snack for my hungry kid plus maybe a make-up compact.
  2. So glad to see this post. I too am in the same boat (also need to add a sippy cup to mine).
    Do you plan on wearing over shoulder or as a crossbody?
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  3. I could see that fitting. Did you look in the Graceful clubhouse? I got mine in January and at some point since then (I think around April/May) I posted some PM size pics next to my Speedy 25. I actually was surprised at how small the PM was. I cannot easily fit my iPad Pro in it for example and expected to. We got into a discussion in the club house concerning the measurements listed on the LV website. I think based on the online measurements I was expecting something closer to (but smaller) than a NF MM. It ended up being closer to my Speedy 25. So definitely look that up if you are going by LVs measurements.
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  4. Both actually- crossbody if I'm with my kids and on my shoulder if I"m alone. It's hard because I have some larger bags (which I think many moms gravitate toward since we always have a sippy cup or a snack) but I'm petite and like the look of a smaller bag.
  5. Yes, I've seen the clubhouse but need to take time to go back and look through the many pages. I've only browsed the more recent postings. My last bag was the Iena MM. Ultimately I'm glad I got it because I think the pm would have been just a bit too small, but it looks somewhat large on me.
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  6. Do you plan on using a LV strap? I do too plan on using a strap and I am unsure of what kind of strap. I have seen some colorful ones (not LV) used on the purse and I think it looks cute!
  7. I'll probably look around for an non-LV strap. Haven't thought that far ahead though. First I'm going to hunt down the bag!
  8. Yes, you can fit all you want and more in this bag. I highly recommend an organizer. The only beef I have with this bag is that it falls from my passenger seat and everything falls out of it because you definitely cannot close the top and it has a weird tall shape. But maybe it’s just my bad driving. Lol
  9. I use my Graceful PM in DE since 2 years almost every day and it fits all you listed. I‘m using an organizer in my bag and put all my stuff in: Clemence Wallet, Iphone in LV Folio, LV key pouch, 4-ring key holder, sunglass case and there is still space for more.
    I got a crossbody strap from a Keepall and love the Graceful also crossbody when I need to be handsfree. But most of the time I wear the bag over my shoulder :smile:
  10. Awesome, thanks for the advice! I am fairly confident that the PM is right for me.