Graceful or Duomo?

  1. time for Christmas gift for myself! which one would you prefer and why?!? Thank you!!!
  2. I have the Duomo, it’s a very carefree bag. I love it! I prefer the zippered closure.
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  3. does the strap soften and stay on your shoulder?
  4. The Graceful is more boxy than the Duomo- guess it depends what your more drawn to. I have a Graceful, I usually prefer bags w/ zippers - not an issue.
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  5. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I have both. The dumo has a shorter strap so it’s going to be tighter to the body and hit closer to the under arm area. I also found it slipped off my arm all the time. However I do appreciate the zipper. I use my graceful everyday because it has a longer shoulder strap that actually stays on. I do not like the fact that it only has a very weak magnet closure which leaves my bag gapping all the time. I also wish it were a little more slouchy in the center.
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  6. I’ve never had a problem with the strap. It was comfortable straight out of the box. No breaking in needed. It stays up and never has slid down. I think different people’s anatomy and how their shoulders slope (or don’t) will determine if the strap slides down or stays on. HTH
  7. I have the duomo and I love it
  8. Love my duomo!