Grace Kelly piece in UK newspaper

  1. Wow, what a phenomal pic. Haven't even read the article yet but I was just staring at the photo in awe. She was so incredibly effortlessly perfect.

    The article was very nice, as well. Thank you for sharing it!
  2. thank you for the lovely read:smile:
  3. My pleasure! Glad you liked it!
  4. She was so beautiful and chic. Lovely article. Thanks for posting it.
  5. What a great article thankyou for letting us know
    thank goodness things may change this autumn

    I refuse to wear the in smocks that make me look 8 months pregnant

    thankyou again
  6. Thank you, for the article:smile:
  7. wonderful article-thank you!She truly deserved to have a H bag named after her!
  8. Loved this! Thank you for posting!
  9. Great read, thanks for sharing!
  10. Just caught up with this one.

    Thanks E :flowers:
  11. OMG that photo is stunning, i really love GK! She is the ultimate fashion icon, and i love has she hasn't been conventionalized and commercialized since her death a la Audrey Hepburn and MM. Which is unfortunate I think the deaths should be left alone. as the glamor-gods they were.
    That said there was a champagne company that used a pic of Grace Kelly on their adds down here and it want the most expensive champagne, it did cheapen her image a touch, unfortunately she couldnt control that, just like AH's GAP adds.
    here's the add
    [​IMG] It is supposed to look like she was submerged into a bottle of champange, her pearls being the bubbles , tacky if you ask me.
  12. Oh yes
    really interesting but she looks so natural in that photo she has such prescence

    so sad her life ended early
  13. Thanks so much for posting. It's a great read.