Grace Kelly gone 25 years today.

  1. Today is the 25th anniversary of her passing. I thought it fitting to pay homage to the quintessential Hermes bag's namesake. While she may be gone from us her spirit will always remain.
  2. She is a fashion icon. Absolutely timeless...
  3. R:I:p: grace but you will be carried forever

    btw there i no ceremony nothing in her honor in monaco these days :tdown:
  4. :heart::heart::heart:
  5. *sigh* She was such an icon.:heart:

    1610249.jpg Grace%20Kelly2.jpg Grace%20Kelly.jpg Grace%20Kelly%20on%20Hollywood%20set.jpg Grace%20Kelly%201.jpg
  6. I hope she is happy looking down on all you tPf members carrying her name sake..RIP
  7. GraceKelly111.jpg gracekellywithkelly.jpg PrincessGracewithKelly.jpg PrincessGracewithWhiteKelly.jpg is_11348417.jpg

  8. Lovely photographs. Thanks for finding and posting them.

    Everytime I carry my 35 kellys, it's with her as my inspiration.
  9. The definition of style, class and beauty!!:heart::heart: R.I.P
  10. HG, thank you for reminding us about this timeless beauty! GK:heart:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Hmmm. . . that's the nicest photo I've ever seen of her! Thanks for sharing!:okay:
  13. Aw....thanks for reminding us HG!

    She's one of my icons....obviously (my avatar), but I guess I never knew the date of her death.

    RIP dear lady!
  14. Gorgeous woman. Love love love her
  15. There's a lovely new book, entitled "The Grace Kelly years, Princess of Monaco", Frederic Mitterand. Pub. Skira.

    I believe it was released in conjunction with the Grimaldi Forum Monaco Exhibiton to honor Princess Grace on the 25th Anniversary of her passing.

    It's beautiful. Loaded with photos spanning her lifetime.
    And even a page or 2 dedicated to the Kelly bag.