GRACE KELLY Beyond the Icon


Un verre de sancerre
Apr 12, 2012
Yesterday my husband took me to the Grace Kelly exhibit at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown PA. It was incredible! All of her dresses from High Society, along with the dress from her engagement announcement, her civil wedding ceremony, and her arrival in Monaco were on display, along with all of her other iconic gowns and suits! And of course, her original Kelly bag was on display!!!! It is a 2 hour drive from NYC and is about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Although the exhibit is relatively small, it takes an hour to go through it and is absolutely worth the drive for any Grace Kelly or Hermes fans!


Feb 26, 2012
I was there Friday morning. It was great. Luckily I live close by. Very crowded. Wish they had more of her Kelly bags!

For anyone interested in going, the exhibit is there until late January and cost with an inexplicable $1.50 service charge per person was $19.50. There is another small museum across the road if you are traveling from a distance and want more to do than an hour's worth at the exhibit. It is about 45 mins to an hour outside Philadelphia and 20-30 mins from Lahaska and the Princeton area.

As Blairbass said, they have one of Grace's kelly bags. There is also one picture of her carrying her toile kelly. Her Oscar and Oscar gown were there. The wedding gown was not present as it was too delicate to leave the Philadelphia Art Museum. I checked (as I will be going to the near by Pompeii exhibit in a month) and sadly the wedding gown is not currently on view.