Grace Kelly and The Bag

  1. Hello all...

    I was just doing some reading on other websites and again came across the comment regarding Grace Kelly carrying her Hermes bag to hide her pregnancy on the cover of Life magazine in 1956.

    I've always wanted to see this cover so I tried to find it online by going to and doing a cover search. I found 5 Life magazine covers that included Grace Kelly but none with the bag! I'm wondering why articles continue to reference this cover shot when none seems to exist? Was it perhaps a picture on the inside instead? I did find one source that says the picture was inside the magazine and not on the cover...

    Has anyone seen this picture?
  2. If you search around the net you will find several references to the fact she used her bag to cover her pregnancy.

    It is not the Life Magazine cover but here is a papparazzi pic...

  3. I do love how she looks here.^^ Very classic, ladylike and elegant.
  4. she is very elegant
  5. thanks jones!!
  6. What size Kelly do you think that is? 32? And is it souple?
  7. Looks like a 32cm.... leather?
  8. Love how she carries it and makes it so elegant.
  9. i think thats a 35cm kelly :love:
  10. She really was in a league of her own! (and still is!)
  11. i really believe grace kellys bag is a 35

    Grace Kelly.JPG
  12. I can't beleive how she died, does anyone believe that her daughter was really behind the car accident? Who would do this to their mother?

    The 3 woman I look upto.
    Grace Kelly
    Jacky Onasis Kennedy
    Princess Diana
  13. Baggs, AFAIK her daughter Stephanie drove the car but it was clearly an accident. I don't think she did it intentionally. As a matter of fact I believe that Steph's screwed up life has something to do with the fact that she feels forever guilty about the accident. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
  14. Yeah, I know she was driving but her and her mother were having a heavy argument before the crash. I'm not blaming her but it's been reported that their relationship was not all there.
  15. Well, that's normal that a young woman and her mother don't always see eye to eye, isn't it. Can you imagine: you have an argument with your mother while you are driving, have an accident and your mother dies? Terrible.