grace espadrilles question

  1. Curiously, has anybody purchased the grace espadrilles? I was considering buying them but am curious first how the sizing is. I bought a pair of thong sandles and I had to go a half size up. How do the espadrilles run?

    Also, does anyone have pictures of them, either on or not on. I think it's hard to tell the true likeness of things in the catalog.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I love those shoes.......can't wait to see the responses to your question!
  3. I have the shoes and usually wear a size 7 in Coach and bought a size 7 in these too and they are snug but with the fabric I think that they might have a tendency to stretch out. I am keeping the seven. In other brands I can sometimes wear a 6 and a half. I have ballet flats and that are pretty loose in a 7 that are Coach too and their tennis shoes I always buy in a 7.

    With all that said, I would say that they are pretty true to size if not a little on the small side. They are freaking adorable on though. I leave for Hawaii in a week and these are going with me!!!
  4. To be on the safe side, I ordered two pairs (5 & 5.5) to be delivered to the store so I could immediately return the ones that didn't fit me. I'm typically a size 5 in heels but the 5's were really tight on me and the 5.5's were perfect!

    So to answer your question, I guess you should go a half size larger. Or to be even safer, order two pairs and return the one that doesn't fit! :yes:
  5. I also have the Grace Watercolor Wedge and the Jessica Thong Sandal in a 10. If would have liked to have them a half size larger but they're not available. But after wearing them a few times the fit is much better. But in the beginning they were a little tight.

    Also, the color of both sandals are better in person than in the catalog or online.
  6. If I were you, I'd go up a half size. They run slightly small... (excuse my feet)
  7. Why must you taunt me with such cute shoes that I can't afford, WHY!!! :p