"Grace" boston

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  1. Agrrr, the anticipation is killing me... I WANT the "Grace" boston so bad I dream about it :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: Should I wait for the sale and risk it not going on sale or should I just buy it now :shrugs:
  2. What does the "grace" boston bag look like?
  3. hhhhhhmmm...veryyyyy chic looking
  4. i've ALWAYS wanted the Grace bag... it was either get THIS or the Pelham. The Grace bag is so beautiful -- honestly, it takes my breath away! I'd say buy it...If you can get to the presale, then do that, but if not, I'd say buy it. If you love it THAT much, you should do it. I know I would..... !
  5. I DO :heart: it soooooooooo much :drool: Darn, should've bought it when Gucci.com was offering free shipping... oh well.
  6. well pre-sale should start sometime next week so why don't you wait to see if its on the list?

    let us know please...I LOVE this bag but wanna wait for the sale!
  7. I bought the Medium sized one for my mom.. ahh, she and I love it both!