Grace Boston red/navy tote

  1. Hi! I just remembered someone was looking for this bag but couldn't remember who it was. Anyway, it's ending soon so I hope she notices this, however I'm not sure if it's authentic though!. Mods, please move this if I placed it wrong. (Didn't place it in authenticate this thread since I'm not having it authenticated)
  2. I was looking for one, but that newbie seller scared me off.
  3. yeah no feedback, I would pass.
  4. Thanks Tabbi!!! I've been looking for one but like you all said...not so sure if this one was authentic...Plus i think i was too late. I hope another one will come along that's authentic and finally have my luck.
  5. I'm looking for this bag in the hobo style.... still no luck....
  6. hope you guys can find the bags your looking for!
  7. oh my sis was talking about this bag the other day. she wants one of these hehe.
  8. does anyone know how much this bag retailed for? i want oneeeeee! its so hot, but i have a thing...i dont buy online every (unless its like hehe :smile:
  9. That bag is fake!

    However the real hobo style retailed for $1145 and the small bowler was 1395 and the large was $1470 I think
  10. thanks girl...any idea if the dallas boutique had one?
  11. Oh yeah the dallas boutique had all of the styles... but this was a bag that was on sale in June soooo there really aren't anymore of these. They went FAST!!!!