..grabbed the last fendi off saks-part 2 *PICS*

  1. Just a quick one again, thought I'd post pics of me wearing my shoes that arrived today. Can't believe I got em for $158! They are very comfy and easy to walk in, and will go with a lot of outfits so I'm happy..never had gold shoes before.

    If you don't like them, feel free to say so, I like hearing the negatives as well as long as you aren't mean!;)

    **excuse pj's and unsymmetrical positioning-I took the pic myself
    fendissss 001.jpg fendissss 003.jpg
  2. Love 'em!!! They will go with many outfits.
  3. very nice--they look very versatile!
  4. Simple yet stylish. Very classy. Congrats...I think you made a great purchase!
  5. Beautiful shoes! Love the extra touch with the gold band on the heel...Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. FYI There's another thread about off Saks and fake fendi bags, but I'm not sure about shoes.
  7. oh, this one was from Saks.com not "off 5th", I just realized the title sounds confusing. Its definitely real!
  8. Hi! They're not my cup of tea BUT I am very glad that you are so pleased w/ them.

    P.S. Is that a fab PRADA I see in the background??? Now, that I would :drool: over!
  9. lol yeah the fall antik metallic dome bowler! I got it this monday..LOVE IT!! see? too many bags..muhuhaha!!
  10. Love the shoes, but the jury is yet out on the jammies. :lol:
  11. LOL it was a gift! They're comfortable! It's hot and I need polar bears in my life! Those are my excuses.:biggrin:
  12. It's very nice, congrats. =)
  13. Oooooo..I saw those a while back full-priced and they are gorgeous! You got an excellent deal! Congrats & your jammies are so cute! :yes:
  14. congrats!!
  15. I really love them - they are superhot and will be perfect for the summer!;)