Grab Yourself a Coach Ban Buddy!

  1. Ok, I'm just exhausted!

    All of these beautiful Coach goodies coupled with an extended PCE is just more than I can stand. I've gotten some beautiful stuff but it's time for me to take a break!

    This thread is for anyone who's looking to buddy up with someone else on a ban to keep one another on track.

    We can still lust over everyone's stuff and keep active in tpf, but if you're on a ban, come here, proclaim how long it is and search for a buddy. We'll keep you honest by keeping you out of trouble (as much as we can without physically throwing your ban-busting self in Coach jail) and give you a place to find safe harbor until you decide your credit card (or your marriage) is out of danger!:p

    So, Cinediva has graciously agreed to be my ban buddy and is going to keep me from buying anything until January 08. I really want the patent ergo hobo and the bordeaux wristlet, but I'm stickin' to it....

    Come on in and stay'll be our own little Cheers --complete with witty asides and friendly banter--but without Norm and all of Cliff's useless trivia! And feel free to BYOB!:nuts:

    Sings: "Where everybody knows your name...."
  2. Whooooooooo! I feel so free!
  3. my buddyy!!! my buddy!! wherever i go, sheeee goessss my buddy!!!

    I need one!! I need a ban!!
  4. Great idea, Tejasmama!
  5. Oh, I need a ban buddy too!
  6. LOL I totally need a buddy though I don't know how good I will be with the 4th sale coming up!

    BUT I will try!:p
  7. "There is no try. Only do." --Yoda


    I live close to an awesome Coach outlet, so I know how hard this is going to be, but we can do it! :tup:
  8. :lol:
  9. so, by banned you mean I can't buy anything!?;)
    My Carly should be here tomorrow and I want to get the froggie accessories- and a cosmetic case. And then I'm cut off...
    We need to state how long were aiming for on the ban! I honestly don't think I can last till Jan 08!!:crybaby:
  10. That's right, buddy! I live near *two* outlets! (Not that I want to set foot there during a sale....)

    Yoda... words for living. :smile:
  11. No, YOU get to decide how long and what is allowed.... it's up to you but you have to proclaim..

    For example.... "I will not buy anything until October 07 but am allowed to have gift cards, etc.... "That kind of thing.....
  12. ok, someone be my buddy, I am banned till August from buying any bags.
  13. I'll join in! I need to be banned till at least the next PCE- so that's about 3 months, right? In the mean time I can save my money for a little treat at the end :tup:
  14. November 07 for me, but I'm going to try to make it longer.
  15. Maybe we should have periodic checkins on this thread or another monthly thread, about what we wanted and resisted? And There could be a thread for Completed Bans, for people who reached their goal with no purchases and are now allowed to buy, to celebrate!

    Also, I think maybe, if buddies want to, we could temper each other after the ban is over. I know when I go off ban in January, I still want to limit my buying. Maybe our buddies can help us with that?