Grab September's Bazaar Mag

  1. Has anyone read the September Bazaar article about Marc Jacobs called Marc on Top? Recommended reading for us Vuittonites! Please though do be prepared for the layout photos of Marc in a vintage tutu! Some of my friends found it a bit disturbing. I have included one of the photos of him sitting on a magnificent LV trunk. I like his boundary-free style and am sure it translates into his design creativity. It is wonderful to be so free with yourself. It is a great read and gives you some nice insight into this amazing designer. He has a great quote that I am sure we will see all over the place (I know I was tempted to add it to my auto signature here).

    “If you had to describe what I suffer from, it’s wanting more of what makes me feel good.” Marc Jacobs
  2. He actually looks good in the tutu :nuts:
  3. that tutu is beautiful! i really wnat to read the article.
  4. Marc is FLIPPEN HOT!!!! im buyin this!

    and I LOVE that QUOTE!!!
  5. Lovely. He looks great.
  6. um nice legs, Mark
  7. Thanks he is cute like that :p
  8. Thanks for sharing! Love the quote!
  9. lol there's something appealing about it.
  10. He looks adorable! LOL I love it!
    Gonna try and get the magazine first thing tomorrow morning!
  11. Thanks for sharing! I don't get that magazine, I am going to pick it up tomorrow!
  12. I bought it but haven't read any of the articles yet. Didn't have a chance to because I'm like multi-tasking at work and can only look at the pictures lol.
  13. I have the magazine and read the article. I love the LV trunks and shoes they have in the pictures.
  14. Holy crow! I hadn't even gotten to that article yet. Wow!
  15. Thanks for the heads-up! Now which kind US tPF'er wants to send me a copy? :graucho:

    We should have a magazine trade thread someplace, for swapping mags from different countries! :idea: