Grab a kleenex and join me for a sad little tale...

  1. Of all my YSL bags, there was this little beauty that won my heart. It was the most gorgeous animal print ruffle bag - it went with everything! It went with me when I had lunch with Carson Kressley (he was a big fan of the bag. Coincidentally, we were both wearing vintage turquoise jewelry that day and he loved the animal print/turquoise combo!) It went everywhere with my until one day, I left poor ruffles in the back of my car (never do that again) while I was at the gym. After my workout, I discovered that my car had been stolen along with my favorite purse!!! :hysteric: The car was eventually recovered but my purse is gone forever leaving me with a picture of me wearing it with Carson as my only memory! I've tried to find a replacement but there doesn't seem to be another one in existence! If anyone out there knows of the whereabouts of one of these bags....please PM me as I would be soooooo thrilled to have "ruffles 2" back in my closet! :sad:
  2. I am sorry for your loss of your favorite bag. I hope there is a twin out there just waiting for you to buy it.
  3. Sorry to hear about your theft !!!
    Can you post a photo of the bag you lost, I can't ID the bag in my head...
  4. :sad:...where's your pic so we can kep an eye out for your replacement?
  5. Oh, no!

    Does the bag look like this, but in animal print?

  6. I'm so sorry! That is horrible!