GRAAAAAH! My hairdryer just crapped out!

  1. So, I've always been VERY pleased with my hairdryer - i got it from Target for $29, it's a Vidal Sassoon, and I've gotten so good with it that I can do an almost-professional blowout in about 10 minutes. Well, I'm getting ready today and and it just STOPS halfway through my head! I have one dry, straight side and one wet, curly side! And my roommate doesn't have a hairdryer! WTF do I do???? I need to be someplace, like, soon! I tried it in several different outlets in different rooms, and it's definitely DEAD!

    And, I guess, can anyone recommend a good hairdryer under $100? Since I got the results I wanted with this one, I don't feel like I would spend more than that. I'm thinking about just going back to Target and seeing if they still carry it!
  2. I've had bad luck with hair dryers this last year...I dunno WHAT the deal all...but I usually use vidal sassoon dryers and they do a great job, so I'd head down to Target and see if they still have the one you want. I've tried other brands and they all take a poop on me too fast.
  3. off to target i go. if they have it, i'm buying two.
  4. i had really bad hairdryer luck untill i found a CurlMaster at Sally Beauty supply. It works great and hasn't crapped out yet! it's the full size one w/ 1875 watts.
    did you clean the vent thingy?
  5. went to target, and they had the same one, except now they say it's a revlon. everything is exactly the same except for the brand. it's 1875 watts as well. i just bought one, but i'll watch for them to go on sale and pick up another. it works really well for me, even if it did crap out after about a year.

    i walked around inside target with my sunglasses on and my hood up the entire time. embarrassing.
  6. ^^^
    LMAO Amanda!

    I'm using Remington 1800 and it's pretty okay so far.
  7. I am kind of having the same problem.

    I dropped my $160+ Chi blowdryer the other day and now it hardly works :sad:

    I have such fine, thin hair that I am not sure if I need to spend that much $$$ again, or if something like Vidal Sassoon would do.

    Right now, I am just borrowing my sister's blowdryer!
  8. how about the t3 overnight dryer? it works pretty well and is $130.
  9. Just posted something on Farouk Deep Brilliance Line on Amazon under DEALS-&-STEALS.
    It's all 80% off including hairdryers!
  10. I use the 1875 revlon and love it too.

    my T3 broke within 6 weeks :sad:
  11. I'm glad you got that taken care of.. I think I should get a spare in case this happens to me!!

    I love my CHI hairdryer! I have had it for about a year now, and it's still going strong!
  12. LOL, not at you, just that I think at one time we have all had this happen.:push:

    I would just put my hair in a pony*tail.
  13. This has happened to me a few times before and I realized it was clogged. Have you tried to take the backing off and get all the lint of off the little screen thing? Each time I've done that it works again right away. Maybe you could try that before buying another?
  14. What is up with Vidal Sasoon hair blow dryers? Mine stopped working last month. I just use this cheap-o Revlon one.
  15. I have a SuperSolano hair dryer. You'll see them in hair salons. It was probably around $100 but I've had it for at least 8 years -- no joke. It works like a champ.