GPS Systems?

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  1. Morning All!

    The BF is moving to NC next month to start his residency program in physical therapy, so I want to buy him a GPS system for Christmas so that he doesn't get too lost.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? There are so many out there, my head is kind of swimming, and I know absolutely nothing about them. I'd like to spend between $300-$500 dollars.

    Oh, and he has a Mac, if that matters.

  2. I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 that I got this summer when my bf and I went to LA. Its great!! It has voice, touch screen, map screen display in 2D and 3D and points of interest (restaurants *along with their numbers*, gas stations, shopping, attractions etc)

    Its been replaced by the nuvi 360 and 660 so eith er the 350 or the newer two work great!
  3. We have the Garmin Street Pilot which is excellent.

    I recommend making sure that whichever unit you get has a nice sized, easy to read screen and that it has a "night vision" option because it can be very distracting at night if it is too bright.
  4. I have a Cobra GPS system I bought from QVC when it was "today's" special value. It was in the high $300.00 range. It is the most easiest system to use, and nothing has to be downloaded. Just click on the state you are interested in, and start driving. (It also has many features).
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I'm going to sit down this weekend and look at the ones you suggested!