Gpofy Celebrity question*~

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  1. Ok, this is slightly stupid, but my friend and I always have an argument about it so hopefully we can get a straight answer.

    Are celebrities paid for their appearances on talk shows and magazines? I believe they are, even guests on Jerry springer are paid to appear. She claims that they are not as it is usually free promotion for the project they're working on at the time....

  2. That's not a stupid question.. I always wondered myself. I kinda of assumed YES and NO. No because it's free publicity and Yes because it's still publicity.
  3. exactly! I can see both sides... Like high profile celebs obviously get big $$$ for baby photos, so what about other stories in mags? Oh well, thanks for the response
  4. i'm not 100% but i'm pretty sure oprah doesn't pay nor has to in order to have a celebrity come on her show. also, i can see other shows like live with regis & kelly not paying especially when movie stars are there to promote a movie, for e.g. they may pay for travel & hotel accomodations though