GPD vs Graphite Jorn?

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  1. I know the first picture is the GPD... apart from the shoulder strap (what do you call it?) thiggy - the bit you hook the strap to... I think the bags are exactly identical... could the send bag be a JORN?


  2. Looks the same to me except for the luggage tag.

    BTW, is the JORN named after Danish architect Jorn Utzon who designed Sydney Opera House? I tried this bag in Munich and I just couldn't pull it off and my DH doesn't like to carry bags so we didn't get it. But, it does look great on you.
  3. I agree with you...I got to see both of them and must say that they are nearly identical. The second pic is Jørn (runway version). I guess Louis Vuitton doesn't really want GPD and Jørn it to be too 'identical so they did some modification on Jørn which is the zip of Jørn is located upper than the Porte-Document.
  4. Is the Jørn runway version not on ofer for sale? It would have made a huge difference just to have the luggage strap - as the Jørn has the bits to accommodate a strap.
  5. Actually, having straps attachment on the GPD may not work as the straps would be connected too low down the bag - this means that the bag would flip upside easily. That is why (I guess) the Jorn is arranged with the zipers being shorter and the start and end are set above the mid section of the bag, and the GPD, zipper is longer and goes lower then the mid section of the bag.

    Question is whether the GPD will be part of the permanent collection or only available as a runway item?
  6. Yep!

    Jorn = Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera.
  7. ^^Hej Soeren! Tak for det - jeg taenkte det nok!

    -What are you getting from this line?
  8. off track but if do you pronounce Jorn like the J in "Journey" or the J like Y as in "Yawn"... the "o" vs "ø"?
  9. You pronounce it like "yearn". Now try saying "roed groed med floede"!

  10. Would this make you change your mind? I photoshop the accessory...


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  11. ^^Nice try! I really don't like to mix metals, sorry, kind of a pet peeve.

    I think my DH would be convinced to buy it if it had a shoulder strap.

  12. Probably why the blank faces when I waked about the "john" bag... thanks!
  13. #13 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    LoVer Jeg snupper selv en Jørn ! og har været nede og resevere den, plus købe et graphite slips! :smile:

    udover det regner jeg med det store bælte, iphone case og måske et halstørklæde! ^^


    btw this is a great website for pronunciation! (they have danish too :P)
  14. ^^That sounds great Soren! I just couldn't pull off this line - it's too masculine for me. Hope they decide to come out with something for us ladies though. I am trying to talk DH into getting something from this line.

    Jeg har boet udenfor DK i naesten 20 aar - har lige vaeret "hjemme" i 10 dage. Dejligt med lidt dansk mad.
  15. Dejligt med nogle danskere.. ;) Hehe..

    I so want the Graphite Keepall..