1. Hi. I just want to share with you that I recently purchased a Goyard crossiere bag, and I am loving it! This is my first Goyard bag and I can't wait til I get the Fiji Hobo. Any Goyard fans here?
  2. I love Goyard! Can you post a photo of your new bag?
  3. I have yet to own one, but they are very nice! Congrats and please post pics for us
  4. I have one too! It's a great bag!! Enjoy!
  5. omg i am in LOVE with the croisiere bag... especially in white. it's absolutely stunning!!! congratulations, you just can't go wrong with goyard!
  6. here it is! its low res because i just used my phone cam. isn't she adorable?
  7. im having a hard time uploading the photos, it says that I;ve already reached the limit. I'm still adjusting to my new macbook so I dont know how to resize photos. Forgive me for the ugly photos.
  8. It's beautiful!!
  9. Manila girl, that is gorgeous! I love the color - congrats!!!
  10. that's a very pretty bag..
  11. I look forward to purchasing one some day ... I think they're beautiful bags. I love the color of your Goyard ... very pretty!
  12. hey! im from manila too... hehe where did you purchased your croisiere? here in manila??? i looove goyard too... but i dont know if its available here, just got one coin purse hehehe years ago from goyard outside country... and its already in my storage place..... croisiere is soooo yummeee... even if its not durable whoooo
  13. I got it in Harvey Nichols department store in Hong Kong. The Goyard staff are so friendly too. After purchase, I was given a certificate to brunch at the department store's coffee shop, for free! Too bad I couldn't use it because I was coming back to Manila the next day. The sales staff are so nice.
  14. Thanks everyone!
  15. its lovely!:girlsigh: