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  1. How much do they run for? I really like the ones structured like the Louis Speedy but I can't seem to find any info about them on the internet. Are there any sites to purchase from?
  2. I don't think you can purchase Goyard online. Barneys used to have them on their website, but now you have to purchase them instore. I believe the bag you are interested in is the Croisiere, which comes in different sizes/prices. I know one size is about $1900. I bought a Fidgi (which is a shoulder bag) this year and it was $1625, with monogramming.
  3. Goyard is NOT a line to buy without having inspected it in person first. The bags aren't as well made as some of the LVs, they're certainly a lot more expensive, and the stitching can be really quite badly done. Before Barney's was forced to remove Goyard items from their site (they put some on sale, Goyard was ticked), they offered a cardcase that was very unevenly stitched. People I showed it to were shocked at how awful it was and surprised they'd ever use that particular piece to feature given the obvious flaws.
  4. Goyard has a store in Downtown San Francisco..if you are near it..you can go take a look ~
  5. I think that you can only purchase Goyard in person. And, due to their expense, I would recommend checking them out.