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Sep 13, 2005
Is anyone a fan of Goyard? :love: I saw a lady carrying a blue tote at Fred Segal the other day... that was the first time I've actually seen anyone w/ one. I read somewhere that a lot of fashion editors are into this line now. Does anyone know what the most popular style is?

Pic from NY Metro


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I posted on Goyard last week (I think....). It seems to be a NYC and LA kinda thing. And in Manhattan, it seems to be mostly an East Side thing! I think the simple totes are the most popular styles. I have gotten on the waiting list at Barneys for a white tote that I will personalize with stripes and a Chinese dragon.... If you want to know!
I knew about the initials and the stripes but then I saw a friend who had a crown on hers and I was intrigued. I had thought that Goyard had a book of artwork from which you can choose but they will copy ANYTHING if you bring them the image. They send the image off to wherever and they give you a price quote in about a week's time. Both my daughter and I were born in the Chinese year of the dragon and she is a 'golden' dragon -- her birth is supposed to bring good luck to the entire family! The Goyard salesman says that he's done chocolate brown and gold stripes on the white bags and its gorgeous. I thought that would look good with a gold dragon! I'm just waiting for the call to say the bag is in.
Yes, I saw and fondled my bag yesterday for a while before it went off for customization. The standard sized tote (that's what I got) is the Saint Louis PM and its $745. The customization depends on how tough the image is that you want to reproduce. The standard thing is initials and/or stripes. I brought in an image of a Chinese dragon that I wanted in gold. The artist advised that the gold wouldn't really POP on the white without another contrast color. So we're doing a red-outlined gold dragon and they are leaving room if I want to add stripes later. The dragon is costing me another $550. Goyard makes all sorts of 'real' handbags, not just totes and the colors are fun. White was new for the summer but so popular that its hard to get. I have been waiting for about 2 months and plunked my money down about 3 weeks ago. I should see the finished bag in about two more weeks.

Go to www.goyard.fr to see the line and the shapes and the way they can customize.

This pic's from the Barney's catalogue. The white looks sooo fabulous! If I were you I'd be getting so hyper/super-excited! (I'm so instant-gratification it's not even funny. lol.) :biggrin:


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That's my bag! Its going to have the red/gold dragon where the crown is on that bag. No stripes but they are leaving room. I have to see if the dragon is enough or if it needs stripes to sorta 'point' to the dragon to make it stand out. The store on Madison got in a huge array of pieces with skulls on them. Sooooo cool!

And Re: Instant gratification...this has sort of been fun. The bag came in, I got to hold it and touch it. Now it goes back. Its like I get to pick it up for the first time, twice!
I've loved Goyard for many years. Barney's started carrying them about 3-4 years ago, but they are considerably more expensive at Barney's than in Paris! I was looking at their Briefcase-style bag (in Red of course), and even with the personalization (stripes & initials), VAT (which gets refunded) and Customs, it was still $800 USD less!

BTW ... you can also "personalize" your Louis Vuitton bags (for a price of course!). I have an old Samur bag that I had personalized with stripes (red & yellow) and my initials (CJL) because I used it for business travel. It has held up really well, and still looks great.

What's funny though is that some people actually think it's a fake because they didn't realize that you could have your L/V personalized. Cracks me up!
^^ I've also heard that you can have your bag sent back to put on little feet on the bottoms of your LV bags. Never looked into it, and always thought that bags with feet were fake before hearing that.
USCgerl said:
^^ I've also heard that you can have your bag sent back to put on little feet on the bottoms of your LV bags. Never looked into it, and always thought that bags with feet were fake before hearing that.

No kidding ... I didn't know that. That's a good idea! :nuts: