1. Anyone like Goyard bags for everyday use or travel. I don't find them all that appealing though they are known for their construction and for travel. Anyone have any inputs?
  2. I have a white tote that I use a lot. I do like it, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. I think my Vuittons are better made.

  3. I only use my Goyard bags for travelling. Most of my friends use them as handbags. But, I don't find it appealing as a handbag. Then again, it's up to a person's choice.
  4. They cost more than LV on average ($880 for a larger wallet, Hermes territory IMO), the designs tend to be simpler, and they're not made as well. You can even get a smaller piece that's cut and stitched in such a way that the name won't even be on the canvas. For an upclose look, check out the Goyard section on Barney's website, and you'll see a card case for over $200 that looks anything but well made.
  5. Yikes, what's up with the stitching on that card case?! I have to admit it took me a while to warm up to, then love the LV mono pattern, but I don't think I'll be warming up to the Goyard pattern any time soon. And at those prices, I don't want to!
  6. Both My Husband & I Like Goyard For Travel
  7. I LOVE Goyard but from what I've seen the quality can be hit-or-miss.
  8. I just about fell off my computer chair when I saw the card case. I can't imagine what they were thinking in showcasing that particular item, and the quality is sure iffy. I don't expect 100% perfection from any company, but for those prices, it should be spectacular.

  9. Do you mean the stitching is not straight enough? If yes, it's because all their items are handmade so you can't expect a perfect straight stitching like a machine could do.

    Also it's more expensive than LV because their cotton, linen & hemp woven canvas is covered with a coat of Gum arabic which makes it waterproof, durable and light. Furthermore, the canvas is completely hand painted so this contributes to the cost factor too. Imagine all the dots on the canvas so it's pretty labour intensive......:blink:
  10. I'm not saying they're not decently made, but the prices are too high given the extremely simple designs. Also, their canvas combination doesn't make their bags any better, any lighter, any stronger or even more waterproof than LV. In fact, a bonus with LV is that I wouldn't have to jump through hoops and pay a fortune to get my bag fixed.

    I don't know if the dots are painted on or not as I've never read that they were, but if so, it seems like a pretentious affection as they can't exactly say it's being done for design or artistic purposes. No one could tell or would even care would they? I don't think my opinion is out of line given Goyard's constant promotion as being "exclusive."

    IMO, hand stitching doesn't mean a thing if it's not about the quality overall, and bad hand stitching is NOT a plus. It's just bad stitching. Better to be well done by machine with hand finishing if that will improve the quality. As a consumer, I couldn't care less if something was hand stitched because it doesn't make the item better, it's just a snooty selling point.

  11. My Goyard bags are significantly lighter than my Vuitton bags of a similar size. The Goyard canvas is so supple you could ball it up if you wanted. Is it better, stronger, or more waterproof? I don't know.

  12. IMO Vuitton's quality is going down, so I'm hoping to find longer lasting stuff with Goyard. However, I have never seen them in real cause the nearest store is in Paris and I'm in Vienna/Austria...

    So everyone who owns Goyard: how do the materials look after usage? what about the hardware? any tarnishing? any stitches falling apart or damaged canvas?
  13. In what way is the quality going down? The Mono and Damier lines are still top notch, but if you're talking about the trendy stuff or delicate materials, it'll be that way with any brand because they're not designed for longevity (Chanel fabric bags, Ferragamo straw, suede from anyone & the like). Personally, I wouldn't buy anything from LV outside of those two lines because I'm interested in something lasting at least 20 years or more.

    Goyard is pretty much the same type of thing as LV's Mono and Damier, but they do tend to go for simpler designs and use less leather (see the pics on the Barney's site for an idea). So far I haven't seen anything by the company that justifies their exorbitant prices. $880 for a basic wallet really is a bit absurd.

  14. with the quality I mean the hardware for example, the tarnishing that seems to affect only newer bags. then the chipping of the mono multicoloré / cerises color, the vernis turning yellow and glue coming out, lining in wallet detaching (the lining is also made of faux leather, not the entire but one side of the bill compartment)...
  15. I loveeee Goyard. I love how they look, and I love that they're still a little bit "underground." Not every teenager in America is lusting after one like LV(no offense to the youngins here!). Although, I thought the same about Christian Louboutin years ago when Manolo became a household name, and now you can't open an US Magazine without seeing red soles everywhere. Oh well.