1. Does anyone have a Goyard bag?....and if so, how is the quality....I am looking to purchase a Jeanne MM.:yahoo:...Also, how do I get invited to view the for sale section?...
  2. I have one and I am sort of disappointed with it. It's really nice--a white ambassade--but the paint has flaked off on two small spots on the bottom. This bag is fairly new. I guess it's the texture of the paint and leather. The leather trimming is smooth, so I suppose that limits how the paint holds on to the leather.
  3. I have the St Louis tote in the medium in black and I love it now I want a red one and a green one.
  4. does anyone know how much goyard st louis PM in hongkong costs?;)
  5. goyard isn't all that.
  6. are there ANY real ones on e-bay?
    All these sellers have "odd" feedback-