Goyard zippy wallet

  1. Thinking of purchasing one anyone have feedback?
  2. Amazing. Just got one a few weeks ago I’m Black. The partial leather interior is tdf. I was deciding between this and the LV empreinte zippy. By far, this has exceeded my expectations of the functionality of the interior. I moved in as soon as I got it and haven’t looked back!
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  3. Thank you - picking a color is the hardest part.
  4. Typos are awful!
    I got one in black. The partial yellow interior is tdf.
    It is pretty tight and narrow bc it’s so new, which I don’t mind. I have no problems with the card slots. Love the organization. Although I wish it had a few more card slots, I can place the extras in one of the long central pockets.
  5. Anyway you could show us a picture?
  6. How much was it?