Goyard wallets retail price?

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering how much a Goyard wallet would be.....any style [french purse, continental etc.]

  2. I would be interested in prices in general for Goyard. I do not have a store anywhere near me and I would like to know the price range before I call a store for a future charge send. I wouldn't want to waste the SA's time.

    My MIL said they start at $1200? How much are boutique exclusive colors?
  3. I believe wallets start around $700, maybe even $800 and can go up to $1000+. I know for a fact that the women's long bi fold wallet is $825 (red, black, brown/black) or $1075 (all other colors). The card case is under $300.
  4. thnks
  5. Does anyone know the price for Long Bi-Fold Wallet in pounds?

  6. My zippe wallet was $890. It was either $300 or $400 more for a color besides black or red. Most of the wallets are priced this way: cheaper for black or red.

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  7. Anyone knows how much is the men's bi-fold wallet? The ones with only 6 card slots and no coin compartment?

    Would love to be part of the Goyard "club" soooooon! :biggrin:
  8. If you want to know general prices you can look at the US/UK prices thread. Hope that helps!