Goyard Wallet Styles

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  1. THANKS!!! I'm so excited. I kept going back and forth on the zippy and the foldout. But I think the zippy wears better over time. There really isn't any corner wear on a zippy.

    BTW - I ordered another Goyard goodie too!
  2. :faint:

    What colour is it? :graucho:
  3. well it is bigger than a wallet! I don't know if we have one here on tPF yet. Let me check.
  4. Hotel Du Parc? :graucho: I saw you asking about it! It's gorgeous :P
  5. No that is a dream bag. I'm going to have to do a bit of research on that bag, size, cost, etc. I'm going to San Francisco in November so I am planning on hanging out at the Goyard store as much as possible.

    But, I called BG yesterday to ask about wallets, styles, colors and prices. Then I asked about another bag. I really wanted it in one specific color and I don't think I've seen it here. (Disclosure: I've seen the bag here, but not in this color.). I didn't even tell her the color, just the style. But she said "Why yes, we have that bag in ________. It's gorgeous.". and the color she mentioned was the only color I wanted for that bag. I took it as a sign and bought it!!

    Am I being too vague? I kind of want to wait and do a reveal, Unless you guess it first, then I will tell you!!

    I just looked thru the "how many bags on tPF" and I don't see it listed there.
  6. ^ Nono, keep it to yourself, and all will be revealed within the next few days I hope!

    Congrats again :smile:
  7. I am just so amazed that they had the bag I wanted in the store in the exact color I wanted

    I will definitely do a reveal!

    All I'm saying is that it isn't a st. Louis of any size.
  8. Not in the reference library either....

    Off to check the celebrity thread.
  9. ^ :lol:! I expect to be surprised then!
  10. Is it a Fidji?

    What color did you get your wallet in?
  11. It must be something special if we don't have any pictures of it yet!!!

    Can't wait to see it....and your new wallet!
  12. I :heart: ORANGE!!!
  13. Well, I think we have pictures of this bag - but not in this color.

    It is NOT a Fidji or a St. Louis.
  14. Great choice! I love my orange wallet too!
  15. YAY! I can't wait to get it. So you have the continental, right?

    I love orange and I think it goes with just about everything. I have a black St. Louis PM it will be a fun addition. I also have an Hermes Orange Karo so those two things will look fun together inside my bag :biggrin: