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Goyard vs Louis

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Nov 16, 2009
Ok so I'm looking for a summer tote and I was wondering what would be more practical for just loading it and going around. If that made much sense :P

Goyard st Louis GM in white


Louis Vuitton Azur Neverfull GM

I'm thinking more the Goyard because it's waterproof and all that but the Louis is classic. I guess the Goyard is too. Ughh soo confused :|


Cherry Blossom
Mar 14, 2011
I was deciding between the St Louis and the NF GM too! Obviously I went with the NF GM. It actually depends if you want the ability to cinch the bag or not, which IMO, is the biggest difference between the two. Also, not too many people are familiar with Goyard (even if it has been around as much as LV) so if you don't want the instant familiarity of LV you could go with Goyard. With that being said though, the Goyard canvas is not subtle in any way either.

I needed something that I could lug around with or without my kids. I could cinch the NF but I can't with the Goyard.

They're both nice bags made with impeccable craftsmanship so it is quite difficult to mess it up! HTH! :smile:


Sep 6, 2010
I want to love Goyard and the iconic logo bags (which only few people can recognize), but when I inspected the Sac Louis, I knew I much preferred an LV. I don't like how thin the canvas of the Sac Louis is and how blah the interior is. & What Cheri said, no cinching!

LV NF all the way.


Happy Chrissy!
May 11, 2009
Definitely the NF. I'm not a fan of Goyard's monogram print and even if the St. Louis is more expensive, it honestly looks cheaper to me in terms of look -- I dislike the plain white interior and lack of structure (especially at the base). The NF's side drawstrings are a definite plus as it allows you to carry it 2 ways and more securely (if the occasion calls for it) as opposed to the St. Louis which is really just a plain open tote. The only pro I see with the Goyard is that you have many fun colour options.