Goyard - Vintage - please help!!

  1. Does anyone know how I can authenticate a Goyard tote? Or have any advice? I came across a set of 3 at a vintage/consignment boutique for $185!!! can you believe it? I was :yahoo:but then decided to hold off until I research it a little bit more, I didnt take any pictures because I didnt have my phone with me:push: but they were totes, flat totes and it was a set of 3 one smaller tote and the 3rd one was a cosmetic tote, the owner lives in NY and is a wealthy woman so I would assume they are real, they are also stamped with initials... which is typical of the vintage goyard. Is this a good sign? should I buy? If they are gone I will be devastated... but if I buy and they are not real :cursing: Please help!!
  2. I would buy them, and ask if they can be returned if not authentic!! Get back to the store...hurry!!!!