Goyard Varenne Reveal!

  1. After receiving the Artois MM a few weeks ago.. my boyfriend fell in love with Goyard’s print so he surprised me with a blue Varenne wallet today! I love it. IMG_7378.jpg IMG_7380.jpg IMG_7384.jpg IMG_7388.jpg
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  2. Congrats! It's beautiful!! And compliments your bag very nicely! I am going to consider one!
  3. Thank you! Blue wouldn’t have been my first choice.. but I’m very happy with it! I think the blue is a gorgeous blue and actually does compliment the pink and black!

    I’m not familiar with all of the wallets they have.. but I will say that the Varenne has lots of card slots, two pockets, and a zip up portion. It’s very spacious.
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  4. I am not familiar with any of the Goyard wallets either but this appears to be a good, functional size! I know you stated it was gift from your very thoughtful BF, but any idea on price point?
  5. Honestly, I’m not sure.. I saw a price sheet from 2011 somewhere on here where it said it was $950 ? I would think it went up since then but I don’t know how much. I’ve seen varying prices on fashionpile and the realreal websites. I’ve been trying to figure it out with asking!
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  7. Is it really? I’m thinking about breaking into Chanel.. I’ve always been loyal to LV but recently I’ve bought Goyard and Gucci. But I have been noticing Chanel lately... and I think I want a backpack!
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