GOYARD Urbain bag

  1. I just bought my first Goyard bag, the Urbain and I'm dissapointed to say the least! The bag is lovely but I'm not happy about the packaging it came in. It was sent in a cardboard box wrapped in tissue paper with just a dustbag! For that amount of money I would have expected the whole works, shopping bag, ribbon etc!

    Has anyone bought from Goyard by email before? I dont live near a Goyard store so I placed my order by email. I also requested a catalogue with the bag but never received one. I didnt even get a reciept! I hope the store experience is much better!

    Im beginning to wonder if I paid waaay to much for this bag??? €955 to be exact without shipping! I will post pics when I can. I'm taking the bag out for its first trip to work tomorrow!
  2. May I ask where you ordered your Boyard from? €955 is kind of pricey, and it sure deserves better packaging.
  3. I ordered it direct from Goyard in Paris by email
  4. I don't know how to convert that price into US dollars so I can't comment on that aspect, but I too, would be disappointed to have received a lovely Goyard so carelessly wrapped. I like everything packaged nicely and with thought. It's part of what makes something special "special". KWIM?

    Anyway, I hope your sadness passes quickly and that you enjoy your new bag. I am very envious!
  5. Thank you, me too. I too like everything nicely gift wrapped in ribbon etc. Its just the small details that make the bag more special. Oh well, at the end of the day I'm carrying the actual bag not the packaging. I hope my feelings change as I use the bag.

    I certainly did not have the 'luxury experience'. I suppose I was expecting too much from Goyard! Has anyone else ordered from Goyard and had the standard box treatment?
  6. i hope you enjoy your bag..... when i bought my fidji from goyard in california it came in a dust bag just floating in a brown box so i guess i can relate.. but i just love it so much it slipped my mind!
  7. I can relate as well. I purchased my bag in person at goyard in Paris..and the bag just came in its dustbag and was placed inside some tissue paper that was placed in a no logo carrier bag. As I walked out I thought to go back in to ask for a box or a better shopping bag, but decided to pass because I didn't have the room for extra stuff in my suitcase anyway.

    As Bexasty said enjoy the bag!
  8. Thanks guys, I took it to work today and got a few complements. It really is an unusual pattern (in a good way) and is really different from other brands. I will post pics when I have time. Thanks for all the people on this forum introducing me into Goyard :smile:
  9. all I can say is that is just not worth it to received such package with just a lousy packaging...not to mention that its an expensive package...
  10. :yes: Glad to know you're enjoying your new bag. Soon your disappointment will be a thing of the past, I'm sure.

    In your first post, you were wondering about the price and I didn't think to put this in my original response to you, but here in the US it is my understanding that Goyard prices are set by Goyard and can't vary from one store to another. I hope that makes you feel better....what I mean is I'm sure you paid the same as anyone would who bought the same Goyard at the Paris boutique or another shop that sells them.

    You have a special bag...they're next to impossible to buy here....I'm still wishing for my first one.
  11. Thanks Leelee! I was under the impression that Goyard is more expensive in the US than Europe? I remember reading this in other threads :S I know what you mean about being impossible to buy. Thats what attracted me to it as I couldn't just walk into a shop here and buy it off the shelf. We don't even have a Goyard store here! The exclusivity factor was one of the main reasons for my purchase!
  12. it is kind of weard for them to post it like that to you.It doesn't cost them much to have a nice packaging.How much did you pay for the postage? and do they post it via courier?
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    Yes, I think I've heard Goyard is pricier here, too. We used to be able to buy Goyard at www.barneys.com
    but a couple of years ago they stopped selling them on-line. The Barneys in NYC sells them in their store, though. I also think I heard there' a Goyard boutique in Las Vegas, but I'm not sure about that.
  14. I don't think that I would let the packaging on something that was shipped get me down too much, especially when the bag inside is a gorgeous Goyard! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the bag and receiving the compliments it (and you!) deserve. What is more surprising to me is avedashiva's comment that the in-store packaging was less than stellar. It has been my experience in Paris and Italy that even minor purchases are lovingly packaged. I guess they are too busy making high quality leather goods to worry about the peripherals!

    At the current exchange, a 955 euro bag works out to plus or minus $1,500. That is not including any charges that the credit card company might apply.
  15. Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman in New York sell Goyard. In addition, there is a Goyard boutique in San Francisco within the Westin St. Francis hotel on Union Square...
    My impression, too, is that Goyard is more expensive here (but that is due to the weak dollar in relation to the euro as much as anything else...).