goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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    goyard tote

    254 vote(s)
  2. LV neverfull

    118 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Goyard!
  2. Do you buy a bag because its NOT common or do you buy it because you like it? Many people....in all sorts of forums don't want to buy a bag because of others varying the same bag.

    Buy a bag because you like it...don't NOT buy a bag because someone else doesn't want you to
  3. I find that in some ways the bags are alike and in some ways very different.

    For me, both are great bad weather bags (I have the NF Damier ebene). They're both coated canvas and I don't worry so much about them getting wet.

    They both are great totes that can look great as a handbag. I've used both for that purpose.

    If I want a tote to carry heavy things, I always reach for my NF and would NEVER use the St. Louis. The Goyard SAs will tell you that they are not designed to carry weight. Whereas the NF is supposed to carry up to 400 lbs - though I don't know anyone who has actually tested that. :lol:

    I love both of these bags and could never part with either! Good luck with your choice!
  4. I vote NF. I've had both bags and ended up keeping the NF because I like how you can cinch the sides in. It also felt sturdier to me.
  5. buy both?:sweatdrop:
  6. Goyard! LV is way too common and knockoffs abound.
  7. I am deciding the same thing, but can't find the prices for the pm anywhere. Can someone help me? Thanks!!!

  8. For the St.Louis pm? The prices are still current under the sticky "current worldwide Goyard prices." 1100 or something for regular colours, a little more for special colours. If you're asking about the LV their website has the price posted.
  9. Thank you! I'm so noob to tPF but I've already been insanely influenced. I'm just trying not to obsess!!
  10. Second that! :smile:
  11. I also have both, but I actually received the St. Louis(Goyard) as a gift 10 years ago without knowing the brand. I just thought it was very weird-looking orange bag. My cousin gave it to me because he didn't like the colour either

    So I used the St. Louis to carry multiple heavy textbooks for years and left it sitting on the floor at school/work (please don't beat me up! I didn't what it was). I've also spilled coffee on the interior before and tried to wash the stain out by putting soap during on the spot and washing it under the sink(I know, know, you girls are glaring at me! I'm sorry!)

    Then one day, 3 years ago, I accidentally stumbled onto the brand and believe me, I almost had a heart attack!,,,,

    I cannot believe that after years of so much "abuse", the bag still look relatively new!

    When we were in the Goyard boutique inParis, the SA could not believe I had the bag for 10 years and it was still in such goog condition. I didn't even tell him about all the "abuse" stories. He said, "you must take really good care of it". Boy, did I feel ashamed of myself.

    Now, my St. Louis is only used to carry lightweight items such as diapers and wipes. It has since retired from all heavy duty work.

    As for the Neverfull.....well, I've never put it to the test and I'm not going to :smile:

    Both totes are lovely and I use the to travel.

    I must admit though that I have a soft spot for my Goyard as you can understand from my horror story above.

    The other thing too that was mentioned previously is that the Neverfull is getting so ubiquitous now. You cannot go anywhere for a day without seeing someone carrying it.

    I vote for my longtime pal that never deserted me despite years of inappropriate treatment. In fact, my DH is now a Goyard convert because my St. Louis. He turned down Hermes and LV wallets and went for Goyard. He said Goyard is the only one he really desires now :P

    P.S. I better write a disclaimer to say that you should NOT use your st.louis like I did. I got lucky. You might damage your bag.
  12. I'm going to bet that your "vintage" Goyard is so much better made than the bags are today. Here's to many more years with your St. Louis!:smile: Thank you for sharing your story.

  13. I own both and LV is more practical with a large zippered pocket (in my GM) for wallet, cellphone etc and foldable sides with stopper. However, I love the look of my white St. Louis much more. The hand dotted chevron pattern and the combination of grey colors make me prefer it over the practical Neverfull... hard decision, so if you already own a large bag with zippered inside pocket I'd get the Goyard, but if you really need one for practicality get the Neverfull
  14. depends on what you're looking for. goyard is common but not as much as the neverfull. i carry a goyard st louis to school and i love it :smile: like i am probably the only person in my university with it and i see the neverful everywhere! at least 2-3 in each of my classes.
  15. I'd still go for the Goyard....
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