goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!


goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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    goyard tote

    253 vote(s)
  2. LV neverfull

    118 vote(s)
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  1. neverfull! have the LTE MOCA in the Nevrfull MM. best purchase yet..
  2. I voted for the goyard since it's not as common as the LV neverfull
  3. Neverfull in mono. I feel like that is the most durable. Since that is priced reasonably, maybe you could get a goyard pouch or wallet to go with it!
  4. I vote Goyard! Be different!
  5. Goyard for sure!
  6. I'll go for Goyard
  7. Goyard hands down.
  8. Goyard! I have a NF and I bump into people with the same bag countless of times everyday.
  9. Goyard!!!! I just really love it.
  10. Goyard will be my choice. Too many neverfulls,
    I mean too many.
  11. I have two neverfull GM's and and one st Louis gm. I love them both!
    Neverfull is thicker, slightly heavier and so pretty, but everyone has one..I love them anyway. My goyard is yellow and so unique..it's lighter and more flimsy than neverfull..so easy to carry. They both fit about the same. I love them both for different reasons
  12. Goyard. I see NeverFull bags everywhere and I'd feel very unique if I was one of the only people carrying a Goyard tote around town
  13. I have a NF MM and a St. Louis PM and find them to be entirely different bags. Although they're about the same size, the NF is far more structured and sturdy in shape. If I'm going to be carrying a lot of things, I always turn to the NF. It seems that the St. Louis is not designed to carry a lot of weight, and I hesitate to use it for that.

  14. Same! I have both the NF and St Louis and I like how the NF is more structured (thicker canvas on NF), but I like the uniqueness of the St Louis.

    I find that the St Louis isn't designed to carry too heavy things as it slouches at the bottom, even if I am using a bottom support to structure it.

    Both are great as everyday bags as they are so lightweight and I can carry my whole kitchen sink around!
  15. With goyard the handles cracks easily and the bag gets crumply overtime