goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!


goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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    goyard tote

    253 vote(s)
  2. LV neverfull

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  1. I've been debating this as well, and finally pulled the trigger today and ordered the Navy St Louis PM. :biggrin:
  2. I would go for the Neverfull.
  3. So funny, this is my exact debate too. I live in a town where everything is LV all the time, so Goyard it is.
  4. Goyard. I have the NF and love it, but Goyard is just more rare!
  5. This is the same debate I was having with myself. I came hear today to post this very same question. Now it looks like I have it answered. Goyard it is.
  6. How exciting! Congrats on the decision :biggrin:

    Just a little tidbit: yesterday I sat next to a woman carrying a Neverfull on the subway. I was carrying my St. Louis, and it was just amusing to me because I remembered this exact thread! Sorry, sort of random, but it nevertheless entertained me to mentally compare the bags on the underground journey.
  7. this is the exact same question for me!!!

    the louis vuitton seems more hardy, is this true? i mean which bag do you guys think would stand up longer and which one do you think is worth all the money?
  8. Not a fan of LV's NF, but I did read that LV will be offering personalization stripes on the NF soon.
  9. many L:Vs are isnpired on goyards allways goyard
  10. yup, that's what i'm waiting for. i'm going to get LV neverfull and maybe one day a goyard fidji

  11. Goyard for me.It’s all because Goyard is not as common as other brands that's why it's hard to find :smile:
  12. I have 2 NFs, one GM and one MM, I still love my St Louis GM, and the colors are more fun!
  13. lv!
  14. I have both but my vote goes to GOYARD. Hands down.
  15. ive been through that also, but chose goyard instead of the lv neverfull. the neverfull is just so common, and goyard is unique. plus i love the colors of goyard.