goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!


goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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    goyard tote

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  2. LV neverfull

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  1. Goyard!!! It is so much more unique: noticeable to really only those who know about it :smile:
  2. goyard =)
  3. Both are really nice everyday bags- tough decision. I tend to lean toward the Goyard because it is not as common. My LV SA told me the neverfull is their best selling bag- it is even more popular than the Speedy now.
  4. for me personally (I have the LV Neverfull), I love my Neverfull. But what I like may not be right for you. I'd make sure to consider the price (I think the Goyard tote is $300 more? And that's before customizing?), care, uniqueness/color. The neverfull is pretty sturdy, but the handles of course will oxidize. The goyard tote also comes in more colors than the neverfull.

    GLuck and let us know what you decide!
  5. I vote for Goyard! It's simplicity rules and is a great example of a luxury good. Not to mention you have a choice of colors and can personalize it! I hope this helps! Good luck on your quest!
  6. LV Neverfull gets my vote.
  7. Goyard for sure, it's more unique and subtle!

    It's funny that you mentioned Neverfull. When I was out shopping on boxing day, at least I was about 20 - 30 people wearing that bag, I am so SICK of seeing that bag it's not even funny. This bag has become a 'speedy'.

    Nothing against LV since I used to be a huge fan before, not anymore! :biggrin:

    Good luck and let us know what you have decided.
  8. Goyard.... indispensible ... !!!
  9. Did you ever decide? I would say Goyard only because I see WAY too many NFs (in the monogram and damier) here in DC.
  10. St. Louis handsdown!

    i was never a fan of the LV monogram in the first place. But if you're getting the Damier then that's good.

    but i still vote for the St. Louis. So understated and not as common as LV.
  11. LV neverfull is very very common.I see one every corner I turn to, at least in my country.

    Goyard is not so common here,but I do wonder if it is as durable as LV's monogram/damier canvas?

    I wanted to get a damier canvas neverfull initially,but now I am thinking of St Louis instead.
  12. tough choice. i love them both!
  13. LV for me!! =)
  14. Goyard of course! I love LV but the neverfull is too trite
  15. Goyard, goyard and encore goyard :pout: