goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!


goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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    goyard tote

    253 vote(s)
  2. LV neverfull

    118 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Lv!!!
  2. G O Y A R D hands down
  3. ita! :d
  4. Goyard is hand painted---no 2 are the same :smile:
  5. Neverfull
  6. Definitely the Goyard.
  7. i have the neverfull and am planning to get a goyard tote. so even though i voted for goyard tote, i would say BOTH! LOL
  8. Right now.. Neverfull :yes:
  9. Hands down for Goyard^^
  10. Voted for the Goyard...you have lots of pretty colors to choose from, too!
  11. Goyard!!!
    and i have a neverful!!!
  12. Goyard, and the colors of this should be able to compete w/ the neverful, but nicer :smile:

  13. I would say Goyard; too many LV out there
  14. Goyard. There're so many colours to choose from.
  15. Goyard hands down .. love those personalizing options!