goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

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goyard tote or LV neverfull?!?!

  1. *

    goyard tote

    254 vote(s)
  2. LV neverfull

    118 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. which would you choose gals (?) :shrugs::wlae::heart:
  2. LV:smile:
  3. LV neverfull
  4. I'd get the LV neverfull!
  5. Lv....:smile:
  6. Ive heard so many good things about the LV neverfull, so I say go for that.
  7. LV neverfull.... it has pockets on the insides... goyard doesn't.
  8. ^^ thanks y'all, keep 'em comin'!!! :yahoo:
  9. dang I am the loner yet again...Goyard. Love the Neverfull but my heart leans toward the Goyard.
  10. Another vote for Goyard, just coz it's uncommon and comes in cool colours.
  11. Definitely Goyard. Especially if you are in NY I see wayyy to many NF's here.
  12. I just got the Goyard St. Louis a few weeks ago and have hardly used another bag since. I LOVE it! My mom has the Neverfull and really enjoys that bag, too, but I like that the Goyard comes in so many gorgy colors and that it's not as common as the NF. Plus I love that it needs absolutely no babying and I don't have to worry about the handles at all.
  13. The Neverfull. I've only seen Goyards in France. I thought they were lovely but I'd still go with the LV.
  14. Goyard
  15. Goyard for me:biggrin:
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