Goyard Sub Forum ??

  1. Hi, what do you guys think ?. I would love a goyard sum forum...there seem to be alot of threads about Goyard in Hanbags and accessories sub forum. Also Goyard is one of the oldest bag designers/makers...just a thought LOL. Im seeming to be getting into Goyard more and more :nuts:
  2. Steve... not sure we have enough yet- when it seems to grow to the point that it needs its own place, we will give it :yes:
  3. thanks :flowers:
  4. I would love it too!

    Thanks Megs
  5. yes a goyard sub forum will be great!:yahoo: tia megs ;)
  6. count me in too!
  7. Goyard rocks!!!:yes:
  8. I'm in for a sub forum! Thanks for considering it Megs! Hope we will get one soon!
  9. I'm also in for a sub forum! I love goyard. More I see it or carry it, more I love it!
  10. I would like one too.
  11. I hope that you will consider adding a thread dedicated to Goyard. It is quickly becoming one of the many recognizable brands. Thanks!
  12. Yes...I would love a Goyard section!!!
  13. Yes me too !
  14. Same here! I know this thread is practically "dead" already but then please consider creating a forum for the brand so we can learn more about it, especially since it's still not available in a lot of places. Celebs are quickly becoming fans of the long time brand too. Goyard has been gaining a loyal following :yes:
  15. I love Goyard just as much as the next person but I think if a forum were created it would be dead- they only have 2 boutiques worldwide and aren't sold at many other places, plus thay don't really have any new "hot" bags coming out to sustain interest.