Goyard Store Opening

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  1. I am not sure if this has been posted or if you know this already, but Goyard will be opening a store in San Francisco. I do not have the date, but it will be directly on Union Square (for those of you who know the city). Now I can get all my luggage( besides my LV) just down the street from my house!
  2. ^^I LOVE Goyard! I wonder how Barneys feels about this? They make a big deal about how they are the only US source (right now) for Goyard. In fact, I just got a call today from my SA saying that my white tote is in. I'm going tomorrow to start the work on the personalization. I'll see what they have to say about your news! Personally, I'm jealous!
  3. There is a Goyard in LA now, maybe Barney's will just remain the only source for Goyard on that coast. I had seen your post on Goyard before so I knew you would be interested in this! Enjoy your bag, I am glad it is finally in!
  4. I guess Barneys does a good job of making me think they are the only place to get Goyard! Two points for their marketing skills!
  5. I thought it was the only play for Goyard too :lol: I hope one comes to HI someday:biggrin:
  6. *bump*

    This is an awesome blast to the past thread... On another note, I love how so many Goyard threads from the past have a single purpose when they begin, but then other people begin to ask other Goyard questions; now we have an organized forum! Yay ;) Just a brief moment of I'm-smiling-at-my-computer-monitor joy there.
  7. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more, Noriko!