Goyard St.louise handle defect

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  1. I bought it from Paris for 2year but unfortunately that Goyard shops dosenot exist in my country. First, I didnot realize that it is the problem, the straps easily to crack from their joint but I didnot concern it much and notice that the rubber that line along the straps is soft and easily to press. I am so reckless about this defect thing due to the hard to connect with the Goyard shop. I never often to use it because the handle stained my white shirt and keep it on my shelf for a while, by the time pass I picked the bag from my shelf and it's turn--> that show on the picture -->the straps are stick together and stained brown colour on my leather Sofa.
    By the way, my friend's goyard bag that bough at the same time with my bag did not have this problem at all.
    I decided to sent my bag via DHL to Goyard shop at Singapore for Quality controlled check under Goyard SA assist but SA informed me yesterday that I have to pay neary 100USD for custom tax then the bag will be sent to the shop OMG, feel so sad.

    I would like to here any other opinions how to deal with this problem, Im afraid that I have to pay additional fee to fix this handle. Poor me

    This kind of this situation is responsibility under the Goyard company in QC check that let the defect bag or poor quality bag be sold in the shops or It's just only the ordinary situation of this kind of handle straps? But my other luxury handbags never have this quality issue before.

    Thank you for your opinion
    IMG_0738.JPG IMG_0739.JPG IMG_0740.JPG IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0743.JPG
  2. So sorry to hear that you are experiencing this problem. However, there have been many posts in this Forum on this same issue. If you do a search, you will find opinions and advice. Good luck!
  3. Hi sarin. I just read your post and am reminded of my St. Louis. Same thing happened to the handles - sort of ‘melting’. The Singapore boutique had it replaced foc even though it’s 2+ years after purchase in Paris. The horrible thing is - the same thing happened again to the handles after a few months! I haven’t brought it back to the boutique this time round.
    My Sister-in-law also had hers fixed foc a few months after mine.

    Perhaps you could appeal again? Good luck.
  4. Just to add - same ‘melting’ happened to the handles of my LV Neverfull Ikat. SA gave me store credit even though it was I think 2+ years old too. I bought it in Singapore