Goyard St. Louis White

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  1. Thanks!
  2. thank you! I got her thru a bag concierge service in Singapore :smile:

  3. I have the black/tan and feel it is a great summer bag; it also does not show the wear & tear as much as the white.
  4. I have a white PM St. Louis too and it is really not hard to maintain. I haven't done anything to it before and it is perfectly white still =)
  5. I just got mine yesterday (white pm) and it looks so refreshing from my other bags which are mosting of neutral and dark colours.
  6. I have both white and black/tan totes! I've been using the white one for 3 yrs now. It is durable, but I do notice that the bottom corners tend to fade a bit. Plus, the part were the straps are sewn into the bag seems to have some cracks or paint peeling off. My black/tan on the other hand, has no issues like the white one. Looks brand new still.

    Let us know what you'll get.
  7. I kept contemplating a white GM too. I have a black PM but need a bigger tote for the summer and wanted a fun, summer color. I ended up getting the GM in a different color - but I love still LOVE the white one!!
  8. I just ordered a white st.louis in medium and am trying to figure out what color of stripes and monogram to do...i am a Lilly girl so i wear a bunch of pink and green..any suggestions would be most appreciated! thanks
  9. I love love love the white, but even some of the white Goyards on display at BG looked a little dirty (just from shoppers touching them, etc..).
  10. ahhh i absolutely love the white!!!! perfect for the spring summer!
  11. yes but what color of stripes????
  12. I would love to get a white but I'm terrified of getting it dirty :wtf:
  13. Do you have any favorite colors that you like to use as an accent??

    You could do something classic like a Gucci-type stripe colors.

    I LOVE orange so I would lean towards that.

    Purple is also interesting.

    Look through the forum pictures and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy!!

    You could also do red/black as a classic combo.
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